Anshawna+Mike: Wedding

This wedding was very near and dear to my heart.  Since Anshawna and I sat next to one another in advanced English class, we have referred to one another as “twin.” It all started because we share the same birthdate, but we have grown to develop similar interests and share in many of life’s big milestones close to one another (getting married and purchasing our first homes all in the same year!)

I absolutely loved that that everyone in attendance called me “twin” and knew that I was more than an anonymous photographer.  I am so happy for Mike and Anshawna and hope that they continue to be as in love, as supportive, and as playful as I have seen them thus far.  You two are amazing, and I adore you both.  :)

PS- Here is my twin and me bustin’ a move on the dance floor! (Another commonality.. HUGE laughs!)

Venue: Reflection Bay Event Center
Flowers: bride’s aunt
Rings: Kay Jewelers
Groom Cake: Pandora’ Bar
Bride Cake: Cakes by Minnie
Caterer: Lisa Moore
DJ: Shop