About Me

I have been told that photography is as much about the person behind the camera as it is in front of it.  That being said, here is a little more info about your picture-taker.  :)


My name is Crystal, and I absolutely love anything that is visually or culturally related.  I have always been involved in the arts and have been blessed with the opportunity to travel much of the world as a professional dancer.  It is through these travels, and interactions with the people I met on these travels, that I truly discovered my passion for photography.  I have always enjoyed drawing and painting portraits, but photography has this uncanny ability to suspend a moment... and I've found that many moments are worth suspending.  ;)


I am a huge fan of food... especially sushi and crepes!  While I really try to be wary of the types of foods I consume, I can't seem to say "no" to any form of ice cream or mint-flavored oreos.  (Shaved ice is my new obsession!)  I love a huge range of music, but Reggae is pretty much always playing in my car. I adore summer dresses and consider jeans to be a mild effort.  I spaz out when I get excited about something (consider yourself warned).  I take my reusable shopping bag wherever I go and kick myself when I leave the extra one at home.  I LOVE being outside and have vowed to never take a window for granted after working on a cruise ship.


My favorite place is anywhere I've not yet been.  Seriously, I have insane wanderlust and feel the most alive when I am exploring a new culture and location.

There are, however, a few places worth noting:  For a short while, I lived on the island of O'ahu and near the beach in Playa del Carmen, both contain some of the most beautiful sand and water I've ever seen.  My husband is from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, and I can argue that Bora Bora, Bali and Moorea are far better than any picture you will ever see of them.  Cities like Vancouver, Lisbon, Pattaya and Brisbane will always have a place in my heart, and I am forever open to new adventures and places!