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    Gilded Sun is a small photography business focused on you and those you love the most! We love taking photos of families, couples and seniors, so contact us if you are looking for a photographer that will put you first.

David+Belinda: Wedding

This was my first time shooting at the Madera Estates, and I don’t think David and Belinda could have picked a more beautiful location!  About an hour north of Houston, on the north side of Conroe, is this absolutely gorgeous venue: a dream bride’s room to get ready in, a lodge like set up for the guys, and lovely gardens to exchange vows.  The entire place is a melting pot of cultural details, and I adore every one of them.  The staff was fabulous and Belinda and David were the picture perfect couple.

The day was not without it’s challenges (heat is a consistent factor this season), but the wedding was gorgeous and the small guest list allowed everyone to have their time with bride and groom.  That being said…I’m pretty sure the dancing at the end of the night was my favorite part!

Alison+Kyle: NYC couple

It had been two years since I’ve stepped foot in the big apple, but I loved exploring the city at night with Alison and Kyle.  We made a mandatory stroll around Times Square (the amount of ambient light there is astonishing!), walked over to the Radio City Music Hall (home of the Rockettes) and then dove down into the subway for a few shots underground.

I am obsessed with being in new and unfamiliar places, and Alison and Kyle were the perfect couple to go strolling with.  You guys rock- thanks for being so amazing!

Alexis: Headshots

Alexis is pursuing an acting career and needed some updated headshots for upcoming auditions.  A short session in the park was all we needed to get a few good shots.  This girl was made for the stage!

Natalie+AJ: Family

When Brandi found out I was offering a mini-session special this month, she was one of the first people to contact me for a slot.  When I offer these specials, it is the only time I allow mini-sessions to be doubled up- awesome value!  Natalie and AJ looked great for their sibling pics at Telge Park.  :)


Chad+Shannon+Reagan+Jack: Family

Since Shannon was outvoted for the sunrise shoot for their big family session a few weeks ago, she decided to book a mini-session for her immediate family.  Just a few shots (just long enough for the kiddos), and a bit cooler weather!