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    Gilded Sun is a small photography business focused on you and those you love the most! We love taking photos of families, couples and seniors, so contact us if you are looking for a photographer that will put you first.

Eric+Ari+Lucas+Lizzie+Caleb: Family

This gorgeous family has a special place in my heart.  (As do most of the families I shoot!) Ari and Eric were married earlier this year and found out they were pregnant not long after!  I am so happy for them and the complete blending of their two families.  I look forward to seeing their family grow and can’t wait to meet the newest member!


These lovelies are the perfect example of why you should double-up on mini-sessions! (The annual fundraiser is the only time I allow it)  ;)  Get more bang for your buck with double the images!

Anshawna+Michael: Couple

It is an absolute honor to shoot other photographers, and these two make the most adorable pair.

I grew up with Anshawna, and since we share the same birth date, she will forever be my twin!  I realize to the naked eye we may share more differences than similarities, but this girl and I have quite a lot in common: interests, education, ambition… the list goes on.  :)

Chris+Ami+Isaiah: Family

I love offering annual mini-sessions in order to help raise funds for a cause.  This year the money is going to UNHCR to help raise money for refugees in the middle east.

Thank you to my Sunday school fam for scheduling a mini-session this year!

Robert+Laura+Laisha: Maternity + Family

This was the first family I shot for this year’s mini-sessions, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the shoot!  Laura brought baby shoes, and I brought the chalkboards- behold: perfect mini-session in the park!