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    Gilded Sun is a small photography business focused on you and those you love the most! We love taking photos of families, couples and seniors, so contact us if you are looking for a photographer that will put you first.

Aly: Senior portraits

I seriously LOVE taking senior portraits!  I love getting to know these young adults and hearing about their interests and dreams- finding out what they plan to do with all that ambition!

Aly is such a cool girl.  She is learning guitar (Looks so darn natural with it in hand) and is a fantasy bookworm.  I feel like we could have hung out all day and talked about dystopian societies and vampires… umm… I mentioned how cool she was, right?

She had her makeup done by Bethany’s Styles (another way cool chick), and looked absolutely natural and stunning in the same breath!

Bette+Mel: portraits

Mel contacted me about getting some head shots with her mother.  They both are realtors who are teaming up to create a fabulous family duo!  (Check them out at

Although the shoot started simply as a need for new headshots, we definitely had time to fit in a few great mother-daughter photos! Check out these two new locations: I Love Houston Sign and the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.

Josh+Amy+Noah+Lylah: Family Pictures

This is the fourth consecutive year that I have had the pleasure to photograph Noah and Lylah in honor of their birthday.  It’s absolutely spectacular to see how they change from year to year, and the only thing that makes a cute kid cuter is a best friend/ twin to join in all the pictures!

Josh and Amy seemed a little concerned that this active duo was feeling sleepy after the previous day’s activities, but I think it just turned the session into a more intimate and cuddly one!  Love it!

Eric+Ari+Lucas+Lizzie+Caleb: Family

This gorgeous family has a special place in my heart.  (As do most of the families I shoot!) Ari and Eric were married earlier this year and found out they were pregnant not long after!  I am so happy for them and the complete blending of their two families.  I look forward to seeing their family grow and can’t wait to meet the newest member!